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        Travel Rewards Program

        Experience The Benefits Of Frequent Air Taxi Travel Discounts, Referral Credits, Free Upgrades

        Benefits For Repeat Travelers

        With Linear Air, there's no enrollment or membership fee required. Anyone can book a flight with us on demand, as needed.

        The more you book, the more benefits you’ll receive. Members who prepay for a block of travel are even entitled to a discounted flight rate through our Travel Rewards Program.

        Membership Levels

        Enjoy the benefits of Linear Air membership! For more details and to sign up for the Platinum Travel Rewards Membership, contact us today at customerservice@linearair.com

        Basic Member

        Have flown 1 or more Linear Air trips


        • $100 off of your next Linear Air trip by using coupon code MEMBER at checkout (limited to a single use)
        • $250 credit for any new Linear Air customer you refer

        Platinum Member

        Have flown 4 or more Linear Air trips in past 12 months


        • One free upgrade to next class of aircraft when available, subject to availability and 30 day advance notice required
        • Assistance arranging ground transportation for each end of your trip
        • $250 credit for any new Linear Air customer you refer

        Platinum Travel Rewards Member

        Have placed $25,000 on account with Linear Air OR enrolled in on-going $2,000/per month direct debit


        • Platinum Member benefits plus:
        • 5% reduction on flight costs
        • More lenient cancellation policy
        "I am the assistant to two executives who spend the summer in Nantucket with their families. We are new to your service, but we see a real value in what you offer. Having planned their travel for years, it is sometimes very difficult to get on and off the island for various business meetings and conferences. I’m excited to have this option and it will certainly make my job easier!"

        Linear Air Customer